Chateau Lamery

Bordeaux, France

In 1998 after careers in varying professions, Jacques Broustet became part-time winemaker at the small family property in Saint Pierre d'Aurillac, Entre-Deux-Mers which was acquired by his grandfather in 1935. In 2006 he moved permanently to Lamery and discovered biodynamics, abandoning all synthetic chemicals in order to convert the vineyards. Today Jacques is one of the great undiscovered natural wine producers in Bordeaux, of which there are very few. His wines are classic, timeless and thrillingly honest. They need no introduction at the table and demand to be drunk. It is very difficult to understate how important we believe these wines are for the past and future of Bordeaux. They tell a story about how the wines used to be and serve as an inspiration to all that drink them.

Jacques is old school. His decades of experience in wine and in life have given him patience and thoughtfulness in the winery. He knows what he wants and lets the wines express themselves and their Terroir. He cleans his barrels the old school way, by burning sulphur candles in them. This is the only chemical intervention seen in the winery. S02 is considered anathema in his wines and farming has been fully Biodynamic since 2006 (the property has been farmed organically since 1935). The wines are rustic, with beautiful tension and grace.

These wines are made to be drunk now and enjoyed with friends. Don’t expect to see them at auction beside the classed growths. These are the opposite of everything we know in Bordeaux. Jacques only one red wine is called Autrement, meaning “In another way”. We think it is appropriately named. Autrement is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec with percentages of each grape changing each year.

Vinification is as follows: Harvest by hand. Fruit is destemmed before natural fermentation in cement on indigenous yeasts without temperature control. Elevage takes place in old oak barrels and cement during which time there is no human influence (no racking, mixing or topping). Wines are left to their own devices during this time. Each variety is vinified separately and they are blended together during elevage. Wines are not filtered or fined and have 0 additives.

These are complex, subtle and mineral wines. Jacques calls them “vin Autrefois”, a wine from the past, when Bordeaux was elegant.


Autrement 2014

22 months in old oak of mixed sizes and 5 months in vat before bottling. Unfiltered, no sulfur.


Autrement 2015

A lighter, fruitier style with less structure and more “glou” - Jacques took the hot 2015 vintage and decided to make the wines he wants drink rather than using the hot vintage to get more extraction. Unfiltered, no sulfur.


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